How to make Orange Gelatin

We present to you a recipe for orange jelly,one of the most grateful and easy to make jellies.

Not without first briefly explaining some of its interesting properties, as well as its benefits, which are many as you can read after the recipe:

Weight balance, strengthening bones,etc.

Gelatin is made up of a large amount of protein (between 98% and 99%) collagen and between 1% and 2% mineral salts and water.

Orange jelly recipe

Rations:6-7 cups

Time:5 minutes of preparation and 4 hours of rest


  • 1 liter natural squeezed orange juice, tangerine or both.
  • 8 gelatin leaves or sheets (if powdered, refer to the package for instructions)
  • Sugar (60gr), or the preferred honey or sweetener equivalent


  • We squeeze oranges or tangerines
  • Let’s strain the juice so it’s fine, no lumps.
  • Put the gelatin leaves or sheets to hydrate in cold water for 5 to 10 minutes until the water dissolves and drains.
  • In a heated saucepan without boiling, half the juice along with sugar or sweetener
  • Mix the drained sheets into the scoop by adding the rest of the juice and mix it all together
  • Pour the contents into the cups leaving to cool and once cooled we will put them in the fridge for at least 2-3 hours. When it cools down, it’s when it’s curdling.
  • One detail to keep in mind is that we should cover them so that they do not absorb odors.


Orange jelly

Gelatin helps weight management. Thanks to its fiber and protein content,gelatin helps you feel satiety,a healthy choice when you’re on a diet. In addition, it helps keep the bones strong.

Gelatin is widely used in the manufacture of food for protein enrichment, for the reduction of carbohydrates and as a vitamin-carrying substance.

The amount of options that citrus in general give you to make different recipes, such as desserts, first courses, snacks or dinners, get used to its flavors, as well as easy, is healthy and tasty.


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