Mixed boxes

We offer you different options of mixed boxes, being able to combine oranges and tangerines, oranges and lemons, tangerines and lemons, oranges and avocados, tangerines and avocados or lemons and avocados.

You can place orders of 10kg, 15kg, and 20kg being able to choose how many kilos you want of each fruit.

Shipments will be made the same day of collection and sent in boxes of 10kg and 15kg so that you receive the product in optimal conditions within 24 hours at the address and preserving its freshness and properties.

Mixed fruit boxes collected in the day

In our company we seek first and foremoste customer satisfaction, and our years of experience have made us see that it is a good idea to combine different varieties of fruit in the same box. This way you can adapt your order and adapt it to your preferences.

We have oranges and mandarins from the genuine Valencian orchard. In this way, we guarantee the quality of the genus and do not need to apply preservatives or any other product that affects the natural taste of the fruit.

While we have different options, all of them ensure that the fruit will be freshly collected and placed in boxes to reach its destination in perfect condition.

Fresh and natural fruit baskets

Fruit consumption is highly recommended by health specialists. Without a doubt, it is an unbeatable energy source and contributes to maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. In a place like ours, the Mediterranean style provides everything you need to strengthen the immune system, so we want to help you be 100% with the online sale of boxes of fresh fruit.

We make mixed boxes with quality genre so you can enjoy fresh fruit with the convenience of making the purchase online. You only have to choose how to assemble your box and we will send you to your home, considering that the more kilos you ask for, the more you save.

Home fruit baskets with fast shipments

We put at your fingertips the possibility to combine different amounts of oranges and mandarins to suit your consumption rate. Logically, not everyone eats the same amount of fruit after the week, so we recommend calculating how many kilos you'd need so you wouldn't miss or fall short.

By ensuring fast shipping, you'll have your oranges and mandarins in perfect condition. You can count on a product that will give you a plus of energy with the whole freshness of natural fruit. If you want to consume quality products, Naranjas Amparo is a safe bet.

Varied fruit boxes online

In order to provide you with a personalized treatment, we have three types of mixed fruit boxes:

*For purchases of 20 kilos, we will make the delivery in two individual boxes of 10kg, as this way its conservation and transport are easier.

Choose from table oranges or juice oranges to match the mandarins. This way you will have the mixed box of your taste so that you can enjoy to the fullest a top-notch genre.

Order your fruit basket at home

Advances in technology make buying fruit online safer than ever. We have a payment gateway of total confidence so that you only have to think about what you want to buy, thus avoiding problems and unpleasant surprises.

In addition, with the convenience of buying oranges and mandarins from home you can choose the exact amount you want to receive, instead of having to buy more regularly to carry less weight each time you go shopping.