What is a purchase bonus?

A bonus is a discount on a payment obligation or an increase in a collection right for the next purchase only made online at Naranjas Amparo.

What is a Naranjito?

A naranjito is a unit of value that Naranjas Amparo has created to reward users and customers of our business for purchases made and thus be able to benefit after their purchases, giving them the facility to exchange them for money.

How much is one Naranjito worth?

A Naranjito is equivalent to €0.10.

How do I get Naranjitos?

For each euro of purchase in Naranjas Amparo products, you will get 1 little orange.

How do I redeem the naranjitos?

The little oranges are redeemed in the shopping cart and you can manage them within your User Profile, from the Bonuses - My little oranges section.

What is the minimum order to be able to use the naranjitos?

The minimum amount of the order to be able to use the coupon is 15 euros.