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Naranjas Amparo

Natural oranges from the Valencian garden

Daily deliveries from Monday to Friday to INDIVIDUALS, and professionals. Cafeterias, Hotels, Restaurants, Groups of people, Associations, Societies, Schools and anyone who wants to consume in a more natural way without chemical products, without preservatives or intermediaries FROM THE TREE TO YOUR TABLE.

Remember that our fruits ripen on the tree and from the moment they are collected until they arrive at your home only 24 hours pass. They are natural oranges from our fields to your home, without intermediaries, warehouses, cold rooms, markets, etc.

Remember THEY MATURE IN THE TREE! From the field to home, oranges from the farmer. Freshly collected.

Rapid dispatch

Once confirmed you can expect to receive your order within 24-48 hours (excluding weekends)

The best quality

We guarantee the satisfaction of our clients by dispatching oranges and fresh products of the highest quality

Buy securely

Our payment facility offers the best online security available

The real Orange harvested on the day

Naranjas Amparo is an online store specializing in fruit from the Valencia garden freshly picked from the tree. We send natural fruit online so you can enjoy its freshness and original flavor and order online.

Eating fresh oranges and / or mandarins provides a natural energy boost, so it is the perfect substitute for coffee or energy drinks if you want to improve your health.

Receive them freshly picked when placing your order online and you will enjoy all the benefits of consuming fresh fruit with the quality guarantee of the Valencian garden. What are you waiting for?

Online sale of oranges

Both to individuals like you, and to companies. With the aim of getting fresh fruit to all parts of Spain, we send both individuals and companies. Valencian fruit directly from the tree to your home, place your order.

Likewise, if you want your office to be a healthier environment so that employees and clients understand that the identity of your company is based on healthy habits, you can buy packs specially designed for companies is the best solution.

Actually, any place is good to consume a piece of fruit or a juice. Luckily, our society is increasingly aware of the importance of health, so incorporating fresh fruit into the daily routine is a very healthy and increasingly common habit.

Oranges direct from the farmer

By avoiding intermediaries, we can save you superfluous extra costs and focus only on the direct sales service. We collect from the tree when you order and we do not need to use preservatives so that they reach their destination in perfect condition.

As they are not stored for long periods or artificial products are used, the fabric retains its original flavor and all its freshness. To do this, we make daily deliveries with a trusted shipping company that guarantees its 100% correct status.

As it is a direct purchase from the farmer, the fruits are harvested on the same day of the order, directly from the tree, so you ensure proper ripening. We thus avoid altering their natural flavor, whether they are to eat or to make juice. That is the great difference between NaranjasAmparo and the fruit that you will find in stores or large supermarkets.

By Internet, without intermediaries

We use a traditional method to have the genuine flavor of the Valencian orchard, and we have known how to adapt to our time and put technology at the service of the customer, so that with a couple of clicks you can receive trays of fresh fruit at home.

Without intermediaries, we can maintain affordable prices so that production remains profitable for us and you don't have to spend a fortune on quality products. Also, if you have any questions before making your online purchase, you can contact us by WhatsApp, email or by phone, so that we will inform you of everything without any commitment.

Buy fresh fruit online without intermediaries

Take advantage of the convenience of being able to buy online from your own home. Choose the product that interests you the most and select the quantity; We will prepare your order in a personalized way in containers specially designed for the transport of fresh fruit, so it will arrive at its destination in the same conditions as when it was collected from the tree.