Enjoy the navel table orange, juice and small caliber that will be made in boxes so that the fruit is ventilated and maintains its integrity. During the campaign we work with different varieties such as navel, but also Navelina, , Navel Lane Late, Valencia Late, etc. as they reach their right time of collection.

The original Navel Orange

Cultivated in Valencian (Spain) lands and cared for with great care, this is our Navel orange. Collected only when they have reached their optimum point of maturity in the tree, on request, on the same day of shipment so that they receive them in 24-48 h keeping intact all their properties and guarantee the highest quality, freshness in the direction indicated. Once collected they do not go through any chemical treatment or refrigeration chambers to offer you the most natural product possible and with all its properties.

At Naranjas Amparo we specialize in quality Navel orange and that's why we pick them up from the tree the same day you place your order. In this way, we guarantee that the fruit is in perfect condition so that you can consume fresh fruit.

As you know, Navel is a citrus fruit that comes from orange (sweet, bitter or other varieties). Navel orange has the characteristic of being a fleshy body hesperidium, with the pulp composed of wedges full of juice and has a hardened and thick skin. Almost 90% of its content is water.

The Navel is one of the most popular fruits both for its excellent nutritional values and for its great flavor, whether you take it in the form of juices, at the table or as part of numerous cooking recipes.

What's the best orange?

The practical totality of people to whom you ask this question will answer that, without a doubt, the best orange in the world is valencian, and to our liking, the Navel. The peculiar Levantine climate contributes to these fruits, which can be enjoyed almost all year round, have an excellent taste and show an appetizing internal color.

For juice or dessert, buy Navel Orange

On our website you can find the best natural Navel on the market. We take care of every last detail so that you have high quality gender and thus guarantee that the taste is the genuine of the Navel of Valencia. Although you can currently buy oranges almost anywhere, the truth is that you can ensure a higher quality if you buy them through our website, as this ensures the freshness of each piece and saves you intermediaries. Straight from the orange grove to your house.

Boxes of fresh Navel orange at home.

The harvest time of oranges is the winter season, although we can currently find them all year round.

The best Navel orange from Valencia from the orchard to your kitchen, without intermediaries.

In addition to their exquisite flavor, Valencian oranges also contain a lot of fiber, which gives them digestive properties, alleviate slow and heavy digestions as well as abdominal gas or swelling. When arriving directly from the orange grove, all its properties remain intact and can remain in perfect condition for up to 15 days. Improve your health by consuming natural fruit, free of preservatives or products to extend your life, as it is freshly harvested and ready for consumption. Buy Navel de Valencia on our website and you will discover the true taste of a citrus that stands out for its sweetness and freshness.