Our sweet mandarins from our harvest in Valencian fields and cultivated in a traditional way, are collected on request, once their state of optimum maturity in the tree is reached so that it receives them within 24h from its harvest in the direction indicated in such a way that the quality and freshness of the product is guaranteed. Since its collection they do not go through any type of chemical treatment or cold rooms, thus preserving all its naturalness and properties.

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You can place orders of 3 kg, 6kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg and 30kg mandarins of different sizes: table mandarin and baby mandarin, hat will be made in boxes so that the fruit is ventilated and not compressed. During the campaign we work with different varieties such as Marisol mandarin, Clemenules, Clemenvillas, etc. as their harvesting season comes.

We want to bring you the best fruit in Valencia and that's why it's now easier than ever to buy mandarins online. We collect them the same day in order to get you fresh and in perfect condition for consumption. In addition, we do not use any chemicals for maturation or preservation, so you can eat them without worry.

Mandarin is the fruit that comes from mandarin, a citrus tree that has a wide variety of species. It is part of the hesperidium fruits and its pulp is composed of between 8 and 12 wedges full of juice or juice and depending on the variety it can also have seeds.

It is a fruit very similar to orange, but with less thick and smoother skin, as it can be removed by hand. In addition, it is smaller and sharper than orange, has less acidity, also its sweet taste and aroma are more powerful.

Clemenvilla Mandarins at home

The most common mandarins are orange, although the truth is that their color is variable and can range from greenish yellow to orange red, but always bright.

This fruit is usually taken fresh as a dessert or snack, but can also be used for various processed products such as juice, jam, liqueur or mandarin preserves, as well as essential oil. Also, this fruit is attractive to children because having more sugar than oranges its flavor is less acidic and sweeter.

To make it easier for you to consume, we send premium mandarins to your home (order minimum of 10 kilos). In this way, you will have fresh products from the Valencia orchard ready to eat in perfect condition.

Mandarin, like orange, is a source of vitamin C, although to a lesser extent, it also provides us with fiber and in addition most of its composition is water. That is why it is attributed many benefits such as:

Diuretic properties which makes it beneficial for those with difficulty urinating, and because of that same diuretic ability it also helps to avoid fluids and also eliminate toxins, lower cholesterol or fight iron deficiency anemia due to its vitamin C intake which implies better absorption of iron. Improves the functioning of the digestive system and immune system, increasing defenses Strengthens red blood cells and white blood cells.

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