To keep the line what is most advisable juice or whole fruit?

Obviously it is not the same to take a whole piece of fruit thinking that it can be replaced by a juice.

Juice or whole fruit?

Whole fruit produces a greater feeling of satiety therefore has an advantage in weight control,and is involved in glucose regulation. In addition the fruit presentsfiber, which is a factor of protection against obesity.

What is better orange juice or fruit?

Fruit juices contain less fiber than whole fruit, resulting in low fiber intake. Fiber is mainly located on the skin and pulp. If the fruit is taken in juice, the fiber is not used as much, let alone if you have a habit of straining it (the little fiber left is completely removed).

It should also be noted that, to make an orange juice, for example, at least three oranges are needed. Eating three whole oranges in a row would cost a lot. Taking a juice,therefore, you take more calories and more sugar than recommended. For example, an orange can weigh about 200 grams which, peeled, become about 150 grams. To make a juice of about 200 milliliters we will need at least two or three oranges, depending on the variety.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), scientific studies confirm a likely link between fruit juice consumption and obesity. Therefore, it is advisable to reduce the consumption of fruit juices.

Therefore, the juice is easier to drink and would be indicated for the little fruiters who have no problem with weight, but in general and for all the reasons exposed, whole fruit is recommended for the public.

Care in your diet, will say a lot about you, take care, take care of them. #NaranjasAmparo

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