How to mature avocados?

In this post, we’re going to explain what we can do to mature avocados Sometimes we buy the avocados and it turns out that they are not ripe yet, they are intense green and when we touch them we notice that they are hard. To accelerate the maturation of avocados we have several alternatives: 1.-

The Yellow Dragon, the Plague of the Oranges

Its name is huanglongbing, although it is best known popularly under the name yellow dragon, being one of the hardest pests suffered by citrus fruits and that affect very negatively both in the USA and in Spain among other countries of central and southern America. Our goal is to get to know this enemy better

The importance of fumigate citrus

With the advent of heat and new shoots, it is common for citrus fruits to be affected by different diseases, whether they come from insects, bacteria, fungi, etc. That’s why we need to make sure that the importance of fumigation,and not only in terms of which product to use, but the best dates to fumigate

Oranges, Navel and Valencias varieties

Spain is the largest citrus producer in the European Union, with the Valencian Community being the main citrus region nationwide. There are many varieties of oranges, although they are grown around 35 varieties. For its commercial importance and quality stand out the oranges called Navel and oranges known as Valencias. In this article we will