The importance of fumigate citrus

With the advent of heat and new shoots, it is common for citrus fruits to be affected by different diseases, whether they come from insects, bacteria, fungi, etc. That’s why we need to make sure that the importance of fumigation,and not only in terms of which product to use, but the best dates to fumigate citrus fruits will also be taken into account and in this way achieve the best possible result.

Why citrus fumigation is so important

There are many pests and diseases that can affect our trees, so we must be attentive and perform fumigation in time, otherwise we can encounter serious problems not only at the harvest level, but also for the life and health of the tree.

Depending on each zone and season, we may encounter different threats, although it should be noted that during the summer months it is when both their number and their harmful abilities increase.

What’s the best season to fumigate citrus

Fumigate lemon trees, orange trees and mandarins involves not only following a calendar, but also considering the species and varieties that can sprout or flower at different times, so that we can adjust it to the maximum so that we can act well in advance.

Either way, we’re going to present you with a list of citrus fumigation dates that will be met for most varieties:

  • Icarus of Wonders: Before sprouting occurs both in early spring and early summer.
  • Red Icarus: in the month of March and in the month of August.
  • Water: from October. Before fumigate, we will see if the fruits of the lower part are affected.
  • Alternaia: in the months of March and October in case there are lesions on the leaves and fruits.
  • Red spider: from May.
  • Cappract: in May and August.
  • Cotonet: in May or June.
  • Gomosis: in March and October as long as lesions are observed in the trunk or leaf area.
  • Leaf mining: in June or September always after the second sprout.
  • White fly: in June and September as long as it exceeds 20% of affected shoots.
  • Fruit fly: in April and September food traps will be prepared.
  • White lice: in May and August whenever there has been more than 2% of fruit affected in the previous harvest.
  • Grey lice: in the months of May and August when at least 2% of the fruit has been affected in the previous harvest.
  • Red lice: will be held in May and August if more than 2% of the fruit was affected in the previous harvest.
  • Lemon moth: in mid-March the process will begin and end in early June.
  • Aphid: If more than 25% of affected outbreaks are observed, treatment will be performed between March and June.
  • Serpeta: in May and August provided that more than 2% of the fruit has been affected in the previous harvest.
  • Trips: Usually starts from April, when fruit curdling begins. It is necessary to observe on a weekly basis its presence, as it may appear until the beginning of July.

The importance of fumigate oranges, mandarins and lemon trees with suitable products

It is very important to follow the calendar and be aware of possible pests that may arise.

Either way, observation is always going to be the best way to determine the need for fruit fumigation,and above all, we will take into account those diseases and pests that must be fumigation every year (preventive fumigation) and which will be dealt with only if there is a clear need (fumigation to eradicate pests).

It is also essential that we choose quality products for fumigation, opting for those that offer not only good safety for the tree and the flora and fauna of the environment, but also from the perspective of food safety.

Only in this way can we have the guarantee that our citrus fruits will grow healthy and safe, thus achieving the best possible harvest.

When it comes to fumigating citrus, it is very important that we value two main aspects that are the best time to do so and of course the quality and safety of the fumigation products that we are using, since only in this way will we achieve not only good effectiveness, but also guarantee our food security.

We leave you a video about the cochineal, and the importance of fumigating the fruit trees.

There are different pests, fungi or insects that need to be controlled in fruit trees for the benefit of both the tree and us.

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