Uses of orange peel you didn’t know

Orange peels they have many more utilities than we can imagine, whether within the field of food or even for the manufacture of silk, cleaning, etc., and it is a very useful resource that we can make a great advantage of, so it is worth knowing the many options that we have at our disposal to do so.

Orange peels to make silk

Orange peels serve to make silk, and in fact, it is a type of yarn that is breaking molds from the hand of several luxury clothing designers, having been adopted as an ecological and top alternative within the fashion world.

Orange peel
Orange peels


Did you know it serves as a cleaner and to remove stains?

We use the fresh shell (unscoded) as if it were a scouring on the stainless steel, so we will be able to remove the stains.

We can also make a mixture of orange peel and vinegar that we will let rest for two weeks.

After this time, we filter and the resulting liquid serves to clean a multitude of surfaces including marble and wood.

End the smell of feet at home

We insert the orange peel into the shoe or shoe overnight, so not only will the shoe stop smelling, but the room will not stink.

It is important that it is fresh, since only in this way will we be able to take advantage of the orange peel properties,since otherwise it will not work properly.

Dry shell to light a fire

The dried shell burns very well, so we can use it for the fireplace and barbecue instead of the fuel dice and other more common products.

Peeling orange
Peeling oranges and pulling out the shells

Orange essential oils

Essential oils are useful for improving the condition and quality of our skin, as well as for using them as a component in our perfumes and home flavorings.

The process is very simple, since all we have to do is cook dried orange peel with a little oil and water in a pot for about six hours over a low heat.

Then we put everything into a container and add some more oil, then store it in a dark place.

We wait about five days shaking the compound a little each day, and from the sixth day we can start using our natural orange essential oil by applying it directly to our body or making compositions to manufacture hygiene and cleaning products.

Fight bad smells in the fridge

If you have bad smells in the fridge, the best thing you can do is use this natural deodorant that is easily made by mixing orange peel with salt.

Place the container inside the fridge and for a couple of weeks we will keep the fridge free of odors.

Make your own tasty and healthy infusion

The properties of orange peelare well known to all, so it will also serve us to prepare a very healthy and ideal infusion for when we are patchy.

All we have to do is boil grated orange peel in water for five minutes.

We take out to let rest for another five minutes and we can consume.

This is a fantastic natural remedy for coughing, digestion problems, to prevent and fight infections,helps to lose weight and also to lower cholesterol levels.

Orange peel to scare off mosquitoes

All we have to do is hang orange peel strips in the areas where we are, so that mosquitoes won’t approach or will do so in a much smaller amount.

In addition to being a natural mosquito repellent,it also helps to repel other insects and bugs such as flies and ants.

Using orange peel to make fertilizer

Remember that orange peel is very useful to make fertilizer, since it is organic matter, so we only have to put it in a compost and wait for it to break down.

Makes orange peel bath salts

With orange peel we can also manufacture orange peel bath salts in a very simple way, because we only have to let it dry and then grate it, so that we will only have to insert it as is in our bathrooms.

Peeled orange
The peel of a peeled orange

Create your own orange perfume

It may also be a good idea to prepare your own orange perfume, as you’re just going to need ingredients and the process is really simple.

In this sense, we see the possibility of using essential oils that we buy in the store, or directly the grace would be in making them ourselves from orange peel as we explained a little higher, so we would make it a completely natural perfume and respect the dry orange peel properties.

Basically what we have to do is mix alcohol, water and essential oil in a container, which we will put on the heat to cook and let stand for a month.

Then we freeze it and let defrost at room temperature to proceed to filter it with a paper filter and we will have our perfume prepared.

As you can see, orange peels give a lot of play, allowing us both to manufacture healthy and high quality culinary products, as well as even cleaning products, bath salts, avoid bad odors and of course manufacture silk, thus being a very versatile ingredient that we will be able to make a great advantage of.

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