How to make homemade orange perfume

If you like to enjoy the aromas, we will explain how to create your own orange perfume, a very easy to make with which you can have at your disposal a different perfume, special and ecological, with another added advantage that is the fact that its smell will be fresher and more natural than the perfumes you have known to date.

The advantages of homemade perfumes

It is well known that the things we prepare at home always have quite a few advantages compared to those that are mass produced and industrially. Widely used for aromatherapy.

In this sense, perfumes also have aspects in their favor when we use a traditional method for their manufacture, highlighting mainly:

  • Being natural, it manages to adapt much better and create a feeling also more natural, without being forced.
  • It allows us to save a lot of money.
  • We can combine different aromas, vary the intensity and, in short, get a completely personalized and exclusive perfume.
  • If we make it to give away, it becomes a much more intimate and personal gift.
  • They are natural perfumes that we know absolutely all its composition, avoiding the use of chemicals that can be harmful to our skin and even to our health.
  • A well-made homemade perfume can have a long durability, with even more than half a day saving a good intensity.

Now that we know some of the main advantages of making perfume at home, let’s learn step by step how to manufacture it.

What I need to make orange perfume

Let’s start by organizing everything so we can prepare our perfume, so we’re going to need:

  • Glass container, better if it has diffuser and is not excessively transparent.
  • Water in an amount that will depend on our tastes and the mixture to be made.
  • Pure alcohol.
  • Dry orange skin.
  • Olive oil.

orange perfume

Create your own perfume with orange step by step

Once we have all the ingredients mentioned above, we can proceed to prepare the orange perfume, and for this we will perform two different processes.

Prepare orange essential oil

In order to manufacture our own perfume with the aroma of natural orange, we must start by making the essential orange oil.

For this we will need dry orange skin and olive oil.

We will proceed by following the steps below:

  • Peel the orange and let the skin dry for at least five days.
  • Put the orange peel with the olive oil and a little water in a saucepan and simmer for about six hours. If we see a lot of water evaporating, we’re refilling.
  • After this time, we put everything in a glass container and add a little more oil.
  • We put the container in a dark place for about five days, shaking it slightly at least once a day.

It should be noted that we can use pure alcohol instead of olive oil, in which case, before using the essence oil, we must leave it in the air for the alcohol to evaporate, or else it will smell like alcohol.

Making orange perfume

Now we can move on to making our own orange perfume, for which we will use water, pure alcohol and the essential oil that we have manufactured in the previous section.

The steps to follow will be as follows:

  • Mix water and alcohol in a bowl.
  • We add the essential oil in small quantity.
  • We shake well and see if it carries enough oil or needs more aroma, in which case we add more essential oil.
  • If we’ve added more, we shake again and repeat until it has the perfect touch.
  • We let it macerate in a dark place for a month.
  • After this time we take it out and freeze it.
  • We let it thaw at room temperature and then filter with paper filter to remove the debris.
  • We put the perfume in the container with diffuser and we can use it.

It is very important that we remember that, having made the essential oil of orange, it is very important that this perfume is kept in a dark place, otherwise with the light the oil will deteriorate and lose its effect.

We leave you a video of EcologyGreen, it teaches you how they do it.

Perfumes are a fantastic way to treat our loved ones or even give a personal touch and very our daily life, so we recommend that you keep this recipe that will help you enjoy a perfume of much more natural orange with which you’ll get that exclusive touch you’ve always been looking for.

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