Homemade candied oranges

The candied oranges they are an essential ingredient for homemade pastries and also for many different dishes that we want to give a special touch, so we will learn how to prepare them while also analyzing the many possibilities they offer us when it comes to taking advantage of our dishes.

Confiding oranges, frosting and other uses in the kitchen

The truth is that candied oranges give us a lot of play, especially in home baking, and that is, in addition to using the candied orange itself, we can also proceed to make frosted oranges from the first, since the process would be the same except that, during drying, we would add more sugar to make that bark so tasty.

Either way, we can use them in biscuits, roscones and all sorts of orange biscuits, orange cake, fruit cakes, pancakes, can be consumed alone or with small dressings such as cinnamon, we can prepare dishes such as endives with cheese and candied orange, custard, we can coat with chocolate, incorporate into an almond cake, season dough nuts and practically any other dish or dessert in which we want to create an interesting combination of flavors and prioritize sweet.

How to make homemade candied oranges

Step by step how to make candied oranges

We will explain, step by step, how to make canned orange, since in this way we will always have at our disposal this fantastic ingredient that will definitely give the perfect touch to any recipe or dessert that we want to prepare at home.

We start by listing the ingredients we’re going to need:

  • Oranges: let’s give you the proportions to confide a medium-sized orange.
  • Sugar: we will need 150 g.
  • Water: about 150 ml.

Before starting with the recipe we want to make a small point, and it is that the amount of sugar is not proportional to the amount of oranges, that is, with an orange we will need about 150 g of sugar, but with two oranges will suffice 250 g, while for three oranges it may be enough with about 300 g.

Either way, once we start cooking we can see if we need a little more or a little less would be enough.

That said we’re going to explain, step by step, how make candied oranges para nuestra repostería casera favorita:

  • Wash the oranges well, as we will also use your skin.
  • Cut into slices about 3 mm thick.
  • Look for a frying pan that is as wide as possible to fit as many slices in the process.
  • Pour the sugar and pour the water into the pan.
  • Put the pan to heat and wait for the sugar to dissolve.
  • Once the sugar has been undone, we will introduce the slices making at most two heights.
  • We cover and put the heat low for about an hour.
  • We’ll take a look in case we have to add a little more water.
  • We’ll know that the process is over when the orange bark starts to become transparent.
  • Once finished, place the slices in a bowl and pour the syrup, letting it cool to room temperature.

When it has completely cooled, they will already be ready to store in our pantry or let dry, so that we have three options:

  • Save with syrup: This option is ideal especially if we are going to use canned orange for biscuits, roscones and other desserts that require the orange to enter the oven, otherwise they would be very dry and even burned.
  • Remove the syrup and let dry: Ideal for eating them without other cooking processes.
  • Remove the syrup and add sugar on top: so that as they dry they will be frosted so we will have made frosted orange.
    Now that you know how to prepare candied oranges and you know the many possibilities they offer in the kitchen, it is time to get down to work to enjoy this product prepared with your own hands, thus offering a better flavor and texture as well as greater freshness. which will be the one that makes the difference in your home baking.

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