Orange blossom Honey 500gr
    Orange blossom Honey 500gr
    Orange blossom Honey 500gr
    Orange blossom Honey 500gr
    Orange blossom Honey 500gr
    Orange blossom Honey 500gr
    Orange blossom Honey 500gr
    Orange blossom Honey 500gr

    Orange blossom Honey 500gr

    4 Reviews

    One of the most appreciated types of honey. It is considered a treasure of Mother Nature as it is one of the purest, most natural foods with the greatest amount of benefits over our health. Harvested by beekeepers from the Valencian Community. The format is 500gr.

    Excellent quality orange blossom honey. Light colour with yellow tones, soft flavor, sedative effect and very aromatic floral aromas.

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    Combinable with dairy products such as milk, infusions. And to eat, with anchovies meats and ice cream. 

    Orange blossom honey is honey produced by bees in the Spanish Levant area.

    This honey comes from the orange blossoms. That is, the flowers of orange, lemon, grapefruit and cider.

    The name "orange blossom" comes from Arabic and is popularly associated with orange blossom, the most appreciated of all for its beauty, aroma and properties, which are traditionally considered therapeutic.

    Orange blossom contains an essential ingredient used in infusions for its sedative properties. Traditionally it is given medicinal use for its calming effects as they help eliminate discomfort caused by nerves or anxiety.

    Orange blossom honey strengthens the immune system, keeping the body's natural defenses at optimal levels to prevent infectoconto-

    It is rich in minerals such as selenium, zinc, magnesium, sodium, potassium. Consumption of orange blossom honey helps the body stay in a proper balance in these minerals.

    For its anti-inflammatory properties, and applied externally to the skin, orange blossom honey relieves any type of blow or swelling. At the same time it works as a wound healer.

    It helps fight germs and bacteria that can affect the skin of the kidneys or digestive system.

    Orange blossom honey helps prevent and combat states of anxiety, nervousness, as the relaxing properties of orange blossom are also transferred to honey.

    In our orange blossom honey Amparo no preservative is added to keep honey in perfect condition, as this food is, in itself, a powerful natural preservative.


    - It is recommended to keep it in a cool, dry place.

    - Not recommended for children under one year old.

    - Over time it can be crystallized, in this case uncover and heat the Maria bath.

    In Naranjas Amparo, we have the best Azahar honey in the Levantine area.

    Serving Size about:
    100g Honey
    1401 kj
    Energy - kcal
    4 Reviews

    Gracias naranjas amparo
    By Marion 05/11/2021

    normalmente compro aguacates, pero me enviaron una tarrina de prueba y desde ahora compro aquí la miel de naranja valenciana
    By J. Fernandoon 23/10/2021

    gracias, está muy rica y ha encantado en casa.
    By Nereaon 11/01/2021

    Dulzor y sabor
    Tiene un sabor y gusto muy dulce y algo diferente a la miel normal. Muy agradable . Volvemos en un mes.Gracias por el detalle
    By Robertoon 16/12/2020

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