Orange professional Juicer
    Orange professional Juicer

    Orange professional Juicer

    We give you the possibility to buy a professional juicer that is easy to handle and with the most competitive price on the market so that you have no excuse when it comes to offering comfort to your employees. And also, achieve more efficiency and greater profitability in your business and at the same time offer a better service to your customers.

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    Orange juicer for companies

    Trust Naranjas Amparo to make the online purchase of a juicer. We have a great background in this sector and we offer you an unmatched service. People spend many hours in their workplace, so including an orange juicer to drink fresh juices is a safe bet. They will feel that you watch over their well-being and provide health with a high quality product.

    The juicers orange professionals are increasingly common outside the hotel; In supermarkets, offices, employee areas of any company you can already find this type of device in order to promote the consumption of healthy beverages and leave out carbonated and sugary soft drinks.

    If you want to give your company a different style, adding freshly squeezed juices adds a modern touch and shows that you care about the health of your employees. 

    Professional orange juicer: 1 year warranty

    Professional juicers offer a host of benefits to consider:

    Freshly squeezed juice : with this type of machine, the necessary amount is served by pressing a button and the juice comes out as a tap, so you will always be drinking it freshly squeezed, which means that it is full of flavor and aroma.

    Automation and speed : these industrial juicers mean that you don't have to do anything more than fill them with oranges, since they are in charge of splitting it automatically and compressing the piece so as not to waste a drop of the juice.

    Ease of use : as we said, you only have to insert the oranges and press a button, you do not have to cut and press them as in a domestic juicer. This also means that the surface on which the juice is made will get dirty.

    Making the most of each fruit : unlike with a homemade juicer in which, be it electric or not, you must be pressing the piece against the machine and you never get all the juice, with professional machines to squeeze oranges it is achieved get all the juice out of the fruit thanks to the compression it does on it.

    Vitamin C : despite the popular phrase "drink it, the vitamins are gone" it is a myth, enjoy enjoying your orange juice calmly since the vitamin C it contains is very stable and is perfectly preserved for up to 12 hours after have squeezed it out. 

    Motor: 120 W
    Orange size: 40-80 mm
    Output: 20 oranges/minute
    Tension: 220 V-50 Hz
    Weight: 40 Kg
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