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Lemon contains a lot of benefits because it provides vitamin C, potassium, other vitamins and minerals. Its use extends from the preparation of cocktails to aesthetics.

Lemon juice stimulates the immune system, cleanses the body, improves healing and has a great antioxidant capacity, cleanses the skin, aids digestion and provides energy.

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The lemon is a citrus, typical of the Mediterranean, which contains many properties and applications. It is used as a fruit, to prepare natural drinks such as lemonade, to prepare desserts or cocktails, even to make water drinkable or for its aesthetic properties.

The lemon stimulates the immune system since vitamin C contributes to having a stronger immune system so it helps to prevent cold and flu, and as it has a great antioxidant capacity, it loads the body with energy, thus contributing to protect the nervous system.

As fruit or taken in juice is the refreshing that best relieves thirst. In addition, lemon improves healing, minimizes wrinkles and skin blemishes.

On the other hand, lemon juice has digestive properties and since it is rich in fiber it helps to burn your body's fat at a faster rate.

2 Reviews

su zumo
entrega rápida y limones sabrosos. Yo los uso sobre todo para zumo mezclado con naranja y pomelo. También para cocinar, y con pescado s al horno no me tienen que faltar. Atención genial por vuestra parte. repetiré

del árbol .. a mi bar
Se nota ya cuando entra el repartidos que han llegado. Fueron comprados para el bar, para zumos, salsas, jugos, y rodajas, para refrescos, tapas.. De 10

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