Valencia Orange Late Juice
Valencia Orange Late Juice
Valencia Orange Late Juice
Valencia Orange Late Juice
Valencia Orange Late Juice
Valencia Orange Late Juice

Valencia Orange Late Juice

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This oranges are special ones for Juice. This are medium size. From Valencia. It has a sweet and an acid characteristic flavor and freshness. The only thing that changes is the size, somewhat smaller than the eating ones.

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Only their caliber indicates that they are better for juices, giving more liquid, as for both domestic and professional usage for daily juice.

The best orange to make juice

Here are some characteristics of the best oranges for juicing:

  • Size: the varieties of oranges that are used to make juices are usually smaller in size than those that are eaten at the table.
  • External appearance: usually white and sanguine, rounded and with a somewhat muted external color.
  • Skin: the skin is closer to the pulp and is thinner, so that its peeling can be somewhat more complicated, so squeezing them is usually the best option.
  • Inside the fruit: its flavor is usually more acidic, except in June, when it gains in sweetness. They also have slightly less fiber.

The best orange to make juice should always be fresh, collected in season and with the most optimal ripening point. In the cold seasons the best oranges for juicing are the navelinas, while in the summer months the tastiest are the Valencia Late oranges.

You will not lose the sweetness or flavor, and also you will gain in tasty juices.

Remember that they are collected after your order and shipped from Monday to Friday within 24 hours. You will open your box of oranges and you will smell a field of Valencian orange trees.

Note: The 20 kg purchases are served in 2 individual 10 Kg boxes, which facilitates better conservation and transportation.

Piezas de fruta por kilo

1 Reviews

Muchooo zumo
a simple vista no son tan vistosas y llamativas como la otra clase . la piel es más fina y pegada pero como la clase es para zumo , lo supera por goleada , con dos naranjas sale un vaso de 250 ml. Las recomiendo!!!!
By Eguzkiñe on 12/05/2021

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