Orange Navel Table
Orange Navel Table

Orange Navel Table

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We choose the best oranges for eating. Fresh natural fruit and with flavour. Big oranges specially for eating. Authentic oranges from Valencia province.

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The Table oranges or Juice are from the same tree having the same flavor and freshness that characterizes them, the only thing that changes is the size of them.

The best orange to eat at the table

These are the characteristics of the best oranges to eat at the table:

  • Size: They are normally larger than juice oranges.
  • External appearance: Their color is more orange and tey usually present a navel in their lower part, something very characteristic within the Navel variety. 
  • Skin: They are easier to peel because they have less skin attached to their segments and are significantly thicker. 
  • Inside the fruit: They have an almost total absence of seeds, a higher degree of fiber and a very pleasant sweet taste, predominant over acidity.  

Note: The 20 Kg purchases are served in 2 individual 10 Kg boxes, which facilitates better conservation and transportation.

2 Reviews

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naranjas, Lola siempre naranjas para postre, las devora. Ha probado los aguacates también, pero como las naranjas.. Acabamos de hacer otro pedido, esperando para repartir a vecinos ;)

No hay nada como saborear una naranja, y se nota cuando vienen de Amparo. Seguimos repitiendo.

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